Humanizing Brand Experience

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Our first three reports provided rich insights about consumers, brands, and experiences, and enabled leaders to build more meaningful, human connections. Don’t miss the release of Vol 4. Register now to be among the first to access the report!

This report is your rocket fuel—with the data and insights to shape and lead the change in your organization to more human health care experiences in a COVID-19 world.

Built by Monigle’s own expert Experience Insights team using a proprietary approach to understanding and building brand experiences, the Humanizing Brand Experience research and reports have changed the way health care marketing leaders view and manage experience. The insights provided in our first three reports enabled brand leaders to mobilize key team members, break down silos and to create a movement in their organizations.

The next report will delve even more deeply into how COVID-19, consumerization, and technology changes have impacted the quickly evolving consumer mindset, changed expectations and shaped behavior that will last far into the future. Deconstructing how choices are made in health care will equip the modern brand leader to fully understand and leverage the power of brand and build better experiences. You need these unique insights to drive authentic, human connections with your consumers.

Humanizing Brand Experience has become required reading for our entire executive team.”Amy StevensVice President of Marketing and Communications, Tidelands Health

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