Who We Are

What do you get when you blend motivated strategic and creative minds with an independent spirit?


Global brand talent with the freedom to do what's right.

We’re the largest independent branding firm in the country, having been in business for over 40 years. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we’re a magnet for global agency talent that thrives in an environment empowering dynamism, creativity, and risk-taking.

For years, we have resisted the advances of the big agency conglomerates. Unencumbered by bureaucracy, big agency politics and the pressure to hit quarterly targets, our 85+ associates are free to think further about your brand and business challenges


Our approach has attracted clients big and small who share one thing in common — they demand world-class teams, but also value the nimbleness and flexibility of an independent firm.

Here are four reasons why our clients like working with us. If this resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you – Connect with Us.

Think Further

We understand how to activate brands beyond a PowerPoint presentation in the boardroom and sustain them well after launch through unique capabilities in implementationbranded environments, and our award-winning online brand center.


“We chose Monigle because everything they said and did showed us that they looked at our business challenge as if it were their own.”
CEO, Technology Client

Move Faster

We are flexible and nimble, move fast, and are focused on action, correcting along the way.     


"They are true brand thought leaders. When we tossed a wrench in the process for various reasons, they were able to be flexible and respond to fulfill our latest unexpected objective."
SVP Marketing & Communications, Health Care System with over 10,000 employees

Drive Results

We emphasize tangible results so you can measurably demonstrate ROI on the metrics that matter most to your business.


“The brand business case you put together on the value of brand saved the day at the CEO presentation.”
Sr. Director Enterprise Brand, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Work Closer

We believe in co-creation, working closely together throughout the process and listening to your needs and opinions to drive richer, more thoughtful solutions that the organization can embrace.


"Monigle understood that we were a conservative and risk-averse organization. When our Board agreed to make the brand promise the company mission we realized that the program had worked.”
Head of Brand, Utility Client


Rick Jacobs

"If we are the same company in 5 years, just bigger, we will have failed. We are constantly exploring new ways to improve our existing capabilities while adding new areas of expertise to better serve our clients. This all starts with continuing to attract the best and brightest people who also have an orientation towards challenging the industry norm. The next 5 years will be an exciting time of constant growth and innovation. We will be a more diversified branding agency that remains independent and family-owned. More importantly though, we will be the place that is known for creating the hardest working outcomes in the branding world."



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