The optimum brand experience sets you apart from competitors, demands response and will not be forgotten. Learn more about our Brand Expression services.

Our work spurs imagination and brings brands to life in a vivid way – moving people to engage, interact, and connect – both emotionally and physically.

Exceptional design is our frontier. With each new project we exit our comfort zones and look for a new approach. After all, the best design solutions are rarely ones that have been seen before.

As designers, our role is to tell great stories by combining visual systems, verbal expression, and real experiences.

Put simply, when it all comes together, the optimum brand experience sets you apart from competitors, turns heads, demands a response, and is not forgotten.

Activating a brand has unique aspects with every assignment. What serves as a powerful communication tool for one client may not be the best for the next. We approach the design of communications with an eye toward flexibility. We accommodate the specific needs while providing the creative agility to keep communications visually inspired and fresh. While the visual identity is a starting point for the design team, we know the entire brand experience takes on many forms. Bringing a brand to life takes shape through a designed thematic approach that unites collateral materials, digital applications, advertising, video, social media, signage, and environments.

In the end, your success is connected to our action — there is no standing still. We are fueled to move brands forward by design, every time.

Our Expression services include:

Visual Identity

Logo Development 
Crafting a mark to express the brand identity 


Design System
Incorporation design elements to create a visual language that will clearly and uniquely express the brand


Brand Videos
Creating a visual narrative to bring your brand to life through the storytelling power of a brand video.

Motion Graphics
Devising tools are used to bring brand concepts to life 


Communication Collateral and Templates
Designing the pace-setting examples that will express the brand identity and lead the way for others to follow


Guidelines and Standards
Documenting the brand identity story and assets, capturing the essential details that will both guide and ensure correct use of the brand identity elements

Signage and Environments
Creating a visual experience to boldly and clearly inform, guide, and engage


Naming Assessment
Establishing a clear data-driven business case to make the case for a new name


Naming Development
Developing a range of unique and ownable name candidates


Name Evaluation
Analyze and assessing name options based on fit with strategy, category differentiation, linguistic knowledge, and legal availability

Verbal Identity

Brand Voice
Establishing the rules of writing, purposefully and artfully, to create and express a distinct personality for your brand.  Brand Voice is developed to deliver the brand experience through language


Delivering clear and compelling messages tailored to individual audiences

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