Shared spaces
in a COVID-19

Creating holistic experiences for your consumers in the time of COVID-19

Journey mapping
Experience design
Signage design
Site-specific drawing packages
Implementation support
Bidding and sourcing
Vendor management

Shared Spaces

The more opportunities people have to interact with your brand in a physical space, the more real a brand relationship becomes. Our expertise delivers engaging, consistent, and scalable holistic brand experiences to maximize the business impact and customer experience associated with every valuable interaction people have with you.

Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces

Here at Monigle, we specialize in the
understanding of how consumers experience
brand through physical environments. We have
worked with several clients thus far on
evaluation, strategy, and planning of re-opening
healthcare, corporate and retail environments
with considerations of the unique business and
consumer needs in a COVID world.

Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces
Shared Spaces

The right signage can help keep people safe and
communicate preparedness, but getting the
experience right is also key. Our integrated team
of brand strategists, graphic designers,
architects, interior designers, and program
managers work together on actionable solutions
from strategy and design to implementation and

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