Going beyond technology to optimize human potential.

Using brand as a catalyst for category expansion and corporate culture

SmartLinx first approached Monigle to help evolve its brand purpose and visual and verbal expression. Coinciding with a new release of its workforce management product (think HR, timeclock, employee tracking, scheduling) and category expansion, the brand needed to create a new brand platform, logo and design system that would propel future growth. While the organization had developed a best-in-class reputation and product solution for the long-term care category, its branding wasn’t fully developed nor did its identity reflect the spirit and ambition of the organization. “We realized that our brand needed a refresh in order to truly represent the core of what we do and the value we provide to our customers,” said Marina Aslanyan, CEO of SmartLinx.

Our mandate was to create a brand that would expand beyond its legacy category while reflecting a more defendable, differentiated value proposition.

“At SmartLinx, we’ve always been about the people, the day-to-day users of our solutions at all levels in the organizations.”Naor ChazanExecutive Director of Marketing, SmartLinx

The power of a purpose

Monigle positioned the project as the identification of a greater purpose—one that employees, executive leadership and clients could be inspired by. We focused on uncovering an empowering, ownable “why” to ensure a foundation that was distinct and compelling. We encouraged a shift of our internal perspective first: from delivering a practical, functional product to being a purpose-driven, emotional brand that creates new value in the category. With this vision set, we could credibly change the value equation among customers and category.

Our visioning work session focused on articulating our “why” versus only focusing on all the stuff we do well, resulting in much richer territories for verbal and visual exploration. We grounded our exercises and ideation in the user journey, framing how customers engage with us across pre-sale, sale and on an ongoing basis to further cement how our brand needs to be both human- and technology-focused.

Reframing our category value

Our strategic breakthrough came quickly after. We received almost instant alignment with key leaders when we reframed the conversation: What we do goes beyond workforce management —our greater purpose and stake in the ground is that we optimize human potential. The idea resonated both internally and externally, becoming a powerful rallying cry for the SmartLinx culture and our client team.

Optimizing human potential as a big idea was easily translated both verbally and visually in a compelling way that’s not typical of the software category, much less within the highly functional world of workforce management. Voice and messaging by key audience segments brought to life our role as the brains behind the operation, the voice that cuts through the clutter to simplify the complex for our clients. In tandem, our creative process was in equal parts human and technology-centered, resulting in a visual expression that’s elegantly simple, versatile and pulls us apart from everything you typically see in the software industry.

The result of our work together is an invigorated internal culture focused on disrupting the status quo and establishing greater value around its products.

“Our solutions liberate people to do their best work and overcome the barriers to productivity.”Naor ChazanExecutive Director of Marketing, SmartLinx

630,000 Employees served

The SmartLinx solution suite helps manage the people and processes of over 4,300 organizations nationwide.

6 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

In 2018 SmartLinx won a Stevie Award for every entry it submitted. The awards recognize excellence in customer service, contact center, business development and sales.

2000 The year we were founded

During a time when software startups are a dime a dozen, SmartLinx has proven serious staying power.

1 Extraordinary purpose

Optimizing human potential is the thing that unites everything SmartLinx does—from product development to customer support to engaging with customers pre-sale.