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Case Study: Chase

Forever changing the face of banking

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When JP Morgan Chase acquired Bank One, it immediately expanded its footprint throughout the country. It was an enormous business opportunity for Chase because the merger led to a more consumer-facing retail banking presence than ever before. Chase engaged Monigle to help convert former Bank One branch locations with as much brand impact as possible. Through creative applications and intelligent environmental design, Chase was able to amplify its brand visibility, forever changing the retail banking industry.

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Obstacles became opportunities.

Transforming each branch location necessitated some creative thinking to maximize brand exposure. The strict nature of sign codes would have hindered brand visibility, but Monigle's team took the restrictions and turned them into branding opportunities. For example, when building and sign codes limited signage to exterior letters with size restrictions, Monigle's environmental design specialists took advantage of internal lobby real estate. The installation of illuminated interior signage and branded wallpaper gave Chase powerful street visibility it had never had before. Dubbed "code-busting," every signage application throughout brand conversion revolved around sign codes, which resulted in maximum exposure throughout the systemwide name change.

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Managed for success.

As one of the most ambitious bank rebranding efforts ever, the project demanded superior management skill. Monigle led the charge during each market unveiling with expert oversight through our proprietary project management software, SignChart®. It took skillful vendor management and timing considerations to convert all of the signage, ATM surrounds, and other environmental branding applications on a scale as large as this. For Chase, this meant a well-organized, well-timed branch unveiling that seized every branding opportunity, as well as completing the project within proposed timelines and on budget.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Chase's enormous presence in the retail banking industry is a result of the design thinking that went into each sign conversion and branch launch. By using existing interior and exterior real estate in visionary ways, Chase was able to push the envelope when it came to brand visibility.

Here are a few elements we used that made an enormous impact:

  • Branded canopy/awning applications
  • Designed logo sculptures as art
  • Branded wallpaper on interior vestibules and fascias
  • Developed exterior branded paint schemes
  • Designed ATM enclosure enhancements with lighting and branded color schemes

Chase's retail success has spurred several other retail banks to follow suit. This replication of our signage strategy is proof that unconventional ideas can set you apart in the retail banking industry.