Case Study: Carnival

Managing brand identity more effectively

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Expanding Carnivals ability to manage its brand assets, create effective marketing campaigns, and strengthen the brand engagement of its employees and suppliers.

Competitive and operational pressures prompted Carnival to decide it needed to manage and leverage its brand identity system and assets more effectively. The company was also interested in expanding its brand implementation processes and building strong connections with all stakeholders. Carnival realized that an organization-wide, state-of-the-art resource was needed to address these issues.

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With its expertise in brand management, brand communications, and brand standards, Monigle demonstrated to Carnival the importance of effective brand control across the entire organization and why providing resources and an infrastructure is crucial for both employees and vendors. Through consultation, research, and analysis, Monigle applied experience and best practices to craft a solution for Carnival. Specifically, our Web-based tool, BEAM, was the core of this solution. BEAM is a powerful central resource for all information and tools relating to brand sustainability from identity and implementation guidelines and best practices to downloadable logos, templates, images, and other resources; creation of marketing collateral; brand education; site usage reporting; ROI (Return on Investment) impact; and more all easy to use and easy to update.

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As part of the Carnival project, we developed a robust image library, housing several thousand images to support Carnival's current and future advertising campaigns. This powerful resource is available to Carnival's employees, suppliers, vendors, and travel agency network.

The result has been enthusiastically received internally and has greatly improved understanding of the Carnival corporate brand and identity system. This in turn has helped build awareness, promote consistent communication, and create a more engaged and brand-focused organization.

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