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Case Study: AT&T

Environmental branding for a telecom giant

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After AT&T acquired cellular giant Cingular, more than 8,000 retail locations required significant rebranding to reflect this new identity. Each store demanded individual examination and design consideration depending on what type of retail location was to be converted. Corporate-owned stores necessitated one design conversion strategy while authorized retailers followed entirely different signage standards. Monigle was asked to lead the entire sign design and conversion program from a design perspective, which helped catapult AT&T into a higher echelon of communications provider.

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Success is in the details

After years of successfully designing and managing hundreds of signage conversion programs, Monigle knew it would take careful analysis of each of AT&T’s 8,000 locations to provide strategic signage recommendations that would maximize brand exposure. We also realized that buy-in from key stakeholders would be critical. Monigle first designed a family of environmental branding components including signs, awnings and storefronts. Where appropriate, Monigle recommended “like for right” design improvements, which added more visibility to the overall brand for AT&T’s newest acquisition.

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Trial and

When tight deadlines are involved and consistency is paramount, we rely on extensive prototyping to gain confidence and buy-in before executing against such a large-scale program. Monigle also created a customized version of our proprietary interactive project management software SignChart® to help keep schedules, budgets, and decisions on track. From creating construction documents and signage standards to rebranding each location during transition and final conversion, Monigle was able to anticipate, respond, and solve for one of the most successful communication acquisitions to date.

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More than 8,000 locations.
One conversion at a time.

Every retail location poses its own challenges and advantages when it comes to environmental branding, which means one design never fits all. Monigle put together a comprehensive team to create location-specific strategies that maximize each site's sign square footage and retail space. Individual brand books, one per location, were created (approximately 500 brand books per week) spotlighting our "like for right" conversion strategy. Exterior signage for certain locations necessitated various design differences to provide clear distinction between authorized AT&T dealers and corporate-owned stores. It takes a conversion strategy with exceptional breadth and incredible depth to rebrand so many locations with such individualized attention.

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Change you can control

Managing and executing a project of this magnitude takes big picture process. When you combine the use of SignChart® and a carefully thought out conversion strategy with intelligent oversight and response tactics, you're able to facilitate changes across multiple markets efficiently and effectively. Our process ensured design approval, authorized dealer compliance, and landlord buy-in, and city permit approval, through extensive control and approval methods that allowed for a conversion program that was easily managed for success.

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Acquire a company.
Gain true brand presence.

A major acquisition requires a strategic conversion strategy to implement a new brand and entirely new signage both inside and out. Multiply that by more than 8,000 brick and mortar locations and you have a project scope that requires an environmental branding firm with the know-how of Monigle. After the initial conversion, AT&T continued to acquire smaller cellular companies and again tapped us for design and implementation of 700 more retail locations.