Branded Environments: Strategy

Ensuring consistency and impact across every touchpoint.

Your experience is often one of the only times that you can make both a physical and an interpersonal connection with your audiences. It’s critical that every element of the experience and the environment is delivered through the lens of a consistent strategy that not only expresses how you are different but encourages people to understand why they should care. From overarching experience principles that keep creative efforts focused to the comprehensive mapping of an entire journey for both for internal audiences as well as external ones, our strategy work guides how our experience is delivered and how it evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of those we serve.

Our Strategy Services

Experience Principles
Defining the core tenets that guide every aspect of our experience including how we look, sound, act, and feel.

Brand Experience Mapping
Defining the appropriate moments or opportunities to make an impact in a distinct way that fits with the vision and aspiration for our brand.

Touchpoint Prioritization and Planning
Working with client teams to prioritize opportunities for growth and transformation across complex experiences with diverse physical, digital, and interpersonal touchpoints to enable action.

Brand Definition
Defining what it is we stand for at our core, which will impact every aspect of the experience and environment that we create.

Brand Architecture
Providing clarity around how our portfolio of products, brands, and offerings should fit together in order to enable easy, clear decision-making.

Brand Portfolio Management
Enabling the rationalization of product, brand, and offering portfolios through a balance of brand-centric analysis and financial performance overlaid with the principles guiding how people are making decisions about what you offer.

Product Development and Refinement
Defining and iterating on new product ideas that can be brought to life within various types of environments or experiences across a customer’s journey.

Go-To-Market Strategy
Building executable plans for taking ideas from the concept stage through to market leveraging a diversity of physical, digital, and interpersonal touchpoints.

Innovation Planning
Generating new ideas and experience opportunities through the filter of our brand with an emphasis on bringing ideas to market quickly.

Creating the best names and nomenclature strategies for both individual products as well as families of products.

Tone of Voice and Messaging
Creating a distinct brand voice and messaging priorities for our experiences so that how we sound is as distinct as the experience or environment itself.