Branded Environments: Insights

Understanding how people make choices and engage in our spaces.

Changes to your physical experience are arguably the most expensive component of a brand refresh or a brand change. Our Insights practice ensures that you deploy limited resources in the most impactful and cost effective manner. Whether it’s through an understanding of how people are using your space, clarity about the role of your signage in driving traffic, or determining completely new ways to connect people to your experience, insights help you make more confident decisions.

Our Insights Services

Consumer and Shopper Qualitative and Quantitative
Getting inside the heads of our desired audiences to understand how and why they make decisions.

Adjacencies and Complementarities
Robust analysis that brings to life the best combinations of products to inform store layout and merchandising in order to build the basket.

Modeling and Valuation
Applying business value to any portfolio of strategic options or tradeoffs including concepts, brand extensions, or levels of design implementation. There’s not yet been a tradeoff that we couldn’t model.

Product, Category, and Market Analyses
Deep dives leveraging secondary research or informed by primary research into products, categories, or markets to determine brand fit, opportunities for growth, or feasibility for new experiences.

Competitive Mapping
Visualizing the competitive environment in order to inform brand or product opportunities.

White Space Analysis
Bringing definition to opportunities currently be underserved by existing brands to inform what’s next.

Customer and Shopper Validation Assessing the potential impact of changes in experience and design before pilot or rollout in order to increase confidence in moving new or transformed experiences from idea stage to execution.