Branded Environments: Implementation & Conversion

Now, the hard work begins.

There’s often a sigh of relief after the design work is done, but we know from experience that this is truly where the hard work begins. Our implementation and conversion work delivers the flawless installation of facilities, signage and experiences of all sizes so that you don’t have to worry about the complexities that come along with building code, permitting, engineering, architecture, and coordination. Our seasoned program managers coordinate every facet of an implementation or conversion as an extension of your team. Software solutions, including our proprietary SignChart system, enable you to track progress in real time. There’s a ton of moving parts, and we keep each of them swiftly moving toward completion.

Our Implementation and Conversion Services

Program Management
Seamlessly delivering every aspect of a conversion or implementation program as an extension of the client team.

Site Surveys and Audits
Comprehensively assessing the current state of our environmental and experiential assets regionally, nationally, and globally.

Master Planning and Site Specific Adaptation
Building overall master plans for complexes or individual facilities with the added experience of being able to adapt prototypical environments to unique spaces.

Design Control Documents and Product Specifications
Developing the packages required for fabricators, manufacturers, and installers to consistently implement experiences globally.

Vendor Sourcing and Bidding
Managing the overall identification, bidding, and sourcing of all manner of experience-centric programs.

Installation and Vendor Management
Providing oversight throughout every step of an install through to the punch list.

Code and Covenant Review
Upfront research to assure designs are on target to meet local restrictions and controls.

Landlord Approval and Negotiations
A regimented process to gain timely approvals from what are often hard-to-track influencers.

Contract Negotiations
Working with program contractors to establish fair pricing and project controls that will govern a smooth and timely engagement.

Defining and enforcing delivery of all project milestones with the appropriate timelines and SLAs.

Change Order Management
A comprehensive web-based system for change control on a program basis.

Post-Installation Audits and Punch-List
From detailed daytime punch listing of any fabrication or installation issues, to nighttime illumination verification.

SignChart (Database Design & Management)
A live, dynamic system that provides real-time inventory and status information around conversion and implementation programs that also offers opportunities for review and approval in a central location. Learn more.

Value Engineering
Working with clients and vendor partners to find the best possible solution that meets any level of budget requirement.

Training and People Development
Crafting evolved training programs and staff behavior protocols to ensure that the interpersonal experience is aligned to the new or evolved brand experience.

Financial and Cost Management
Web-based invoicing, tracking, change orders, and global program roll-ups available to the client 24-7.