Branded Environments: Environmental Design

Bringing new experiences to life.

We know how people make choices and engage in our spaces. We’ve defined strategy that will ensure consistency and impact across every touchpoint. Now, it’s time to bring new experiences to life or to reinvent touchpoints that could work harder. Our environmental design balances the principles of beautiful design with the clear remit that it has to be hardworking in support of the brand and its goals. We don’t design for design’s sake; we create and reinvent experience that help people to choose, use over and over, and ultimately advocate for.

Our Environmental Design Services

Retail Store Planning and Prototyping
Defining new or evolved store plans for retail experiences that bring the brand to life, present products in a way that drives choice and loyalty, and can be operationalized by the client team.

Corporate Office Design
Breathing new life into traditionally cold, corporate spaces in order to tell a more compelling story for staff and visitors.

Interactive and Digital Design
Developing new ideas for engagement with digital touchpoints within brand environments or experiences to enable a seamless flow from one touchpoint to another.

Venue and Sponsorship Branding
Orchestrating brand experiences in unexpected places in a way that celebrates the sponsor brand, but also fits seamlessly into an established experience.

Environmental Graphics
Connecting people to place through the use of a variety of design disciplines each oriented to helping people experience, navigate, and enjoy spaces.

Wayfinding Systems
Orchestrating how people use and move through spaces both large and small.

Sign Family Design
Developing the overall concept and application of concepts that help signs to stand out as a differentiated and meaningful touchpoint.

Fixture and Feature Design
Designing and deploying diverse types of fixtures each uniquely tailored to the desired customer experience and the operational requirements of the organization.

Promotional Event and Exhibit Design
Creating new and unexpected pop-up experiences and exhibits that make a big impact often with a small footprint.

Logo and Design System
Crafting unique logos and overall visual design systems that help an organization stand out.

Brand and Logo Standards and Guidelines
Putting parameters in place to guide the deployment of the brand, logo, design system, and environmental experiences that provide freedom within a framework for others to use across the enterprise.

Facilities Guidelines
Building specific guidelines including facility design, wayfinding, and experience best practices, as well as the tactical details required to help contractors go and get spaces built for the brand.