Laurent Tschumy came to Monigle in October 2005 when he moved from Zurich to Laurent TschumyDenver. As a Creative Director on Monigle’s brand design team, Laurent leads and inspires his coworkers in their efforts to create the visual expression of our clients’ brands. In addition, he also coordinates with our digital, environmental branding, and strategy teams. Around the office Laurent can be relied on to help you practice your French language skills and bring a quick smile to your face. We took ten minutes to explore Laurent’s personal brand; we learned what’s on his bucket list, his favorite brand, and, most importantly, how to pronounce his last name.

Hey Laurent, first things first, how do you pronounce your last name, Tschumy?

Laurent Tschumy: Ha, yes, like this… “chew – me.” (laughter ensues)


As a creative director, you must have worked on some memorable projects?

LT: Yes, one particular project comes to mind. Several years back we worked on a design system project for a university that allowed me and fellow designer Cody Ash to travel to Tanzania, Kenya, and Pakistan! The trip’s purpose was “cultural familiarization” to inform the design process. It was such an eye-opening experience! I had never been to Africa or the Southern Hemisphere, and I found the cultures, and everything about the countries, to be really interesting.


It sounds very international. Being from Switzerland, and now living in the United States, how many languages do you speak?

LT: I speak three: English, French, and German. Which is okay…


Better than okay, Laurent! Which language do you dream in?

LT: All three!


I notice you have several large-scale posters in your office, among some other really interesting items. Tell me about them. They are really big!

LT: I like to collect mid-century modern posters, from the 1950s to the 1970s. What I love about them is their sheer size and that they are simple, geometric, and powerful. They appeal to my design sense a great deal.


I like how the posters reinforce what type of design you gravitate towards. How did you find yourself as a design professional?

LT: I always liked to draw as a kid so I ended up going to art school. And, the funny thing is, as a child you think you draw well and people told me I had talent―but, when I went to art school and took my first class I saw the other students could do much better than I could and I thought, okay, I better really train…so, I studied hard. In fact, I recently started free-hand sketching again using watercolor and pen. Sometimes Jesse Dugan (in Branded Environments) and I go and sketch together.


And, I must ask, what brand stands out to you?

LT: I like the watch brand Omega because to me it represents reliability and durability. Did you know it is the first and only watch worn on the moon? Omega also signifies precision, toughness, craft, and quality.


Okay, your ten minutes are almost over. I have to circle back to your trip to Kenya and Tanzania. What made the biggest impression on you?

LT: When we flew from Tanzania to Zanzibar we passed over Mt. Kilimanjaro. I really want to climb that mountain!


That’s a great bucket list item. Anything else you want to do?

LT: I like to travel and learn about other cultures. So, one of the things I would like to do is travel the world and sketch – it’s a nice combination! New Zealand would be a great place to visit.


A sampling of the design projects Laurent has worked on include University Hospitals, Ensco, and CenturyLink. To learn more about how Monigle’s design team brings visual brand identity to life click here.

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April 3, 2014 By Monigle