Outdoor Retailer: the 6 brand takeaways you missed

1. End-product sustainability is no longer enough. Sourcing, supply chain and manufacturing are the next frontier of environmentalism.





2. Setting up a booth does not an experience make. Give customers an active role to play in your experience to earn their attention.





3. No industry is an island. Outdoor brands, especially, need to pull from outside their category for design cues, culture trends and overall cultural trends to stand out in a sea of sameness.






4. It’s not about what you give away at an event like this, it’s what people take away from it. SWAG is a wholly unnecessary crutch when you offer a worthwhile experience instead.






5. The most innovative brands lean into what they’re best at and exploit their primary equity, instead of stretching into tangential areas.




6. Having a brand purpose isn’t enough, the real traction comes from integrating it into your corporate, societal, and personal values, products and offering.






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