Recently, BEAM, Monigle’s robust brand and asset management platform, was the featured cover story for one of the leading technology magazines, CIO Review.

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In the article the author, Justin Smith, mentions the paradigm shift toward brand humanization and the brand team’s focus on ensuring our brand stories are true, authentic, and purposeful. “Monigle integrates education, guidance, and engagement into the BEAM platform, enabling users to build a sustainable brand governance process, thereby aiding them to connect with their consumers at an emotional level,” Smith says.

Hundreds of clients have revolutionized their brand story utilizing BEAM. One of BEAM’s clients, Deloitte can attest to the impact that BEAM has made on their ability to manage brand across their global organization; hear their story about how they leverage the robust functionalities of BEAM to transform their brand center from a repository of static guidelines and files to a new, dynamic platform with relevant and engaging content – known as Brand Space today.

“The future is not about just brand centers or DAMs, it is about facilitating a symbiosis between technology, people and processes,” says Gabriel Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer at Monigle.

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June 21, 2021 By Monigle