Why meaningful differentiation is more important than ever

Choice is a powerful motivator. It fuels competition, inspires improvements, and reduces costs. As health care reforms empower the industry to behave more like a traditional marketplace, people now possess more freedom to choose. Many consumers enjoy the flexibility to select a health plan and care providers that best meet their needs. Also, thanks to easy access to online information and quality ratings, consumers are better armed with information to evaluate options.

To better understand the importance of choice in health care, we spoke to 602 consumers and asked how willing they would be to switch insurance plans or doctors in order to go to their preferred care providers. What we found is a very clear willingness to “go somewhere else” if their needs are not being met.

Monigle Health Care Branding Infographic
Because consumers are so willing to switch, health care brand owners need to evaluate whether their brands are truly positioned to drive choice.

Connect with your consumers and conduct research to assess the two most fundamental questions for your brand:

1) Are you delivering on what matters most to your key audiences?
2) Is your brand effectively differentiated in a meaningful way?

If you answer ‘no’ to either of these questions then it’s time embark on an initiative to make some changes.

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Chris Tonay is Monigle’s Director of Insights + Strategy.

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Chris Tonay
August 1, 2014 By Chris Tonay