Brains Behind the Brands: Meet Kelly Agnew

We’re learning what’s on the horizon for Kelly Agnew, Product Manager because development and creativity never ends on the digital team. Kelly takes this focus along with her can-do attitude and an innovative mind, telling us more about her life and what’s happening here at Monigle. As part of the digital team, or the BEAM team as we call it, she’s connecting employees with their brands and delivering experiences that keenly balance functionality and uniqueness.

How did you get here (to Monigle and to today)?

Before moving to Denver, I worked at a fine art museum. Then my husband and I visited friends for Great American Beer Fest and we moved out 4 weeks later. In Denver, Monigle had the perfect connection between creativity and technology. Now, I manage the BEAM product: platform enhancements, roadmap planning, updates (lots of updates), future-proofing and everything else.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by my teammates, both my coworkers and my client teammates. When we’re going through a build, we get really close and feel like an extension of the Monigle family. Every day is different. I feel a sense of accomplishment when it’s the end of the day. Questions are answered, problems are solved.

Tell me about something interesting you’ve made at Monigle.

That’s tough because I have a hand in all the BEAM builds. One recent example is a site we’re working on with fifteen different business units and two different microsites within their site—there’s a lot of custom functionality. We’re creating an enhanced showcase that automates the process of sharing best practices, which includes submitting branded material, going through a queue for admin to review, then directly posting onto the site. Finally, users can like or comment on these best practices to increase engagement.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

Not surprisingly, platform enhancements, we’re always enhancing our platform. One exciting aspect is an improved upload, which makes it easier for admins to drag and drop—saving them lots of time. And, in our crazy real estate market, I’m selling my house and looking for a new one. House stuff isn’t very exciting but getting a new yard for my puppy is definitely awesome.

In what ways do you move people?

One way is that we’re making content more engaging and dynamic, we’re animating it and adding motion to the content, creating accordions, rollover states or gifs. Overall, we’re making it more playful.

What are some of your work habits?

Like my content song? If I’m loading content, I hum and bounce and Matt and Mel and the rest of the team knows I’m loading content.

What does your computer desktop look like and how did it end up like that?

My background is a Morris Louis painting and it makes me happy. It’s littered with screenshots waiting to get added to tickets. There’s always more to do.