Brains Behind the Brands: Anna Akerberg

Anna is the first person you see when you walk in our building and the first person you speak with on the phone. Anna Akerburg is our administrative assistant, who supports the organization in so many ways it’s hard to keep track.

Anna Akerberg Holding Dog

How did you get here, to Monigle and today?

I learned about Monigle from Nichole who was a coworker at a prior company for three years. She left for Monigle and of course was hootin’ and hollerin’ about it. Pretty soon after that there was an opening here and that’s how we get to where we are today.

What inspires you?

I would say in work, it’s definitely our department and getting together. We do monthly meetings talking about goals, suggestions, brainstorming about what the future is going to look like within our department. It’s inspirational when we all get together because I get to see what everyone has on their plate and I can see where else I can pick up more work.

In my everyday life, just friends and family. To do better, and be better. We’ve all got each other’s backs.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

I have my hands with different groups and pockets here. I do all of the ordering for the company (think food, beer, office supplies), manage the kitchen, answer the phones and a ton of other stuff. I’ve gotten into new hire scheduling and event planning and making Monigle gift boxes and bags for clients which is kind of fun. On the accounting side, I process invoices and set up projects. I also create the monthly whiteboard in the community room.

Can you share a little more about what goes into creating the community space board?

I get to show my funny side with jokes, e-card things. I think about the composition and try to be creative with whatever is happening that month. Sometimes I stress out about it because I want it done before people see it, I don’t like people peeking before I’m done.

Are there any stories you can share about having all these roles?

Stuff just disappears here, in weird ways. Berries, snacks. People will sometimes put empty berry boxes back in the refrigerator, ugh. And once, someone put dish soap, not detergent, in the dishwasher. Come on, you know what I mean?

Our brand experience is all about moving people, in what ways would you say that you move people?

It’s making sure I have a smile on my face whenever someone goes by, and getting to know people is important to me. It’s nice for everyone to stop by and have a quick break, even if I’m busy. It’s been fun, everyone has been super welcoming and kind.

If you could have one super power, what would it be? 

It would be to be invisibility. For sure. It would be cool to just insert yourself into places you’re not supposed to be. Like the fly on the wall. Something crazy like presidential stuff or just big things happening in the world. That’s just me being nosy.

Do you have any special skills or talents that other people don’t know about you?

I’m a printmaking artist (you can find her work on Instagram @annaakerbergllc). I have a visual arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking from UNC. It’s a relief and a way to be creative for me. A lot of my art resembles mountains and flowers and just Colorado, in a sense. I like to play around with handmade papers, so I do a lot of black and white prints.