After 13 years, Deloitte undergoes a Brand Refresh

Deloitte Brand Refresh

Yesterday was a momentous day for one of the largest professional services firms in the world as Deloitte, for the first time in thirteen years, launched a refreshed brand externally and to its 200,000 plus associates worldwide. The Green Dot, perhaps the most iconic identity element in the category, serves as the foundation and inspiration for a bold and innovative expression of its brand story.

Thirteen years. That may or may not sound like a long time but as Amy Fuller – senior managing director, Global Brand at Deloitte – put it, “It was 2003. Phones with cameras were a novelty. Apple introduced iTunes. Facebook didn’t exist.”

The refresh represents a shift towards a single brand architecture and identity system so that no matter where in the world a client is located and regardless of which business unit of Deloitte they interact with, they will be able to identify with a familiar and consistent brand experience.



Deloitte’s brand refresh, expressed in the stunning video above, is a reflection of the wider disruption afflicting professional services firms in general as they diversify into new areas, such as digital and IoT. They must fight to attract the best and brightest talent being lured by anyone from Silicon Valley behemoths to companies leading the industrial internet revolution such as GE.

Deloitte isn’t the only one that has recognized that professional services firms must abandon the old stodgy image to remain relevant to business decision makers and millennials. Booz Allen Hamilton, best known for being one of the largest government contractors, recently embarked on a major effort to modernize perceptions. BCG, one of the well-known big four management consultancies, also recently underwent a major refresh.

Ironically, the consultants behind the revolution of many companies and industries are being disrupted themselves. Firms that fail to modernize and adapt will be left behind.

Deloitte’s bold rebrand is a sign of its leadership position and a reminder to the rest of the professional services landscape that the balance has firmly tilted to the future.

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