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Whether you’re ready to unveil your new brand identity or manage an existing identity more effectively, we all know a brand doesn’t manage itself. Before the world can engage with your brand image, all of the assets must be put in the hands of the right people that can help implement and build your brand. Monigle has created a proprietary web-based, brand asset management system called identityManager®. This centralized brand resource has the capability to manage and distribute all the moving parts of your new brand.

As an expert branding firm, Monigle knows just how unique every brand can and should be. During the development of identityManager®, our knowledge and experience with brand identity guided our thinking about the best tools and processes to offer these valuable resources in a customizable and user friendly fashion.

Brands are much bigger than a logo. Exorbitant amounts of information including image and video libraries, style guides, collateral kits and employee engagement materials make up a brand’s assets. identityManager® not only keeps these items organized, it provides multiple levels of user access to ensure the right people can retrieve the right materials to best tell your brand story.

We know that managing a brand entails continuous generation of communication materials, which often requires layers of approvals prior to implementation. identityManager® gives organizations the ability to create dynamic collateral with web-based templates for the most commonly used materials, customizing them at the user level rather than generating a new creative services project for each new version. Monigle also knows that approvals can hold up the process, so we work closely with user groups to accurately understand an organization’s workflow, then customize identityManager® to automatically route for approvals.

Numerous Fortune 300 companies have engaged Monigle’s exclusive brand management tool to help them administer assets across their organization. Whether you have 19,000 employees or under 100, our secure, single-point-of- access brand center integrates seamlessly into your company’s intranet for an easy to navigate experience.

Our identityManager® is an innovative way to connect your organization, external suppliers and business partners to all of the assets and resources that can help build your brand for years to come.

Take command of all the moving parts

Your brand assets can’t really be called assets if they aren’t in the right hands. Building a brand means those integral to the process including employees, agencies, vendors and other partners have access to key guidelines, assets and other brand overview information. identityManager®, exclusive to Monigle, not only manages and distributes these moving parts, but offers a wide range of customization modules that address key brand management needs that might be unique to your organization. Those workflows could include a Dynamic Collateral Template System, Site Content Management System, Brest Practice Libraries, Approval Workflow System, PowerPoint Presentation Library, Office Template Customization System just to name a few.

identityManager® creates a hub where your brand team can access the right resources necessary to build your brand. This indispensible software connects sales, marketing and channel partners to brand resources and initiatives, which improves overall implementation of communication materials. Our web-based, brand management tool provides customizable templates, PowerPoint presentation builders, tradeshow management practices and download centers to make brand building the most efficient and effective it can be. As time to market pressures increase, identityManager’s mobile application streamlines operations even when employees and partners are on the move.

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A workflow that keeps the work moving

identityManager® has a level of customization and capability that helps remove the inefficiency that tends to creep into the approval process for many Creative Services teams. Specific modules are created to allow authorized users the ability to submit requests and approvals for new marketing and sales support materials, attach creative briefs and share other mission-critical data about a project. Creative Services can designate users and track their milestones and approvals up through completion. Files can be easily routed to vendors such as printers while identityManager® archives final layouts for reference. A resource that goes beyond the distribution of brand assets, identityManager® gives Creative Services the confidence they need to do their part in building a successful brand.